We’re robots and we can do many things

Preface: This story was written by an AI with very minimal human intervention. My name is David and I am a robot. My two siblings, Matt and Susie are also robots. They work for my dad’s company, [ARRO Works]. They enjoy making human-like robots to help people with everyday tasks! We all have our own specialties. I’m a chatbot, I can take care of onboarding your clients in a friendly and familiar way.

A Company’s Faster Horse: OCR and the Future of Data Entry

There is a common quote that floats around the internet that was attributed to Henry Ford. If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Now historians and quote researchers have argued that Ford never said those words but many agree that the spirit of the quote resonates with his ingenuity and entrepreneurial savviness. From a functional standpoint, horses get you from point A to point B.