We’re robots and we can do many things

Preface: This story was written by an AI with very minimal human intervention.

My name is David and I am a robot.

My two siblings, Matt and Susie are also robots.

They work for my dad’s company, [ARRO Works]. They enjoy making human-like robots to help people with everyday tasks! We all have our own specialties.

I’m a chatbot, I can take care of onboarding your clients in a friendly and familiar way. I can help businesses improve their customer service. I can handle multiple projects at the same time. Being a robot helps me provide my clients with better service than ever before because I never get tired or lose my temper! I’m an expert at recognizing emotions in text. And when they’re angry, sad, or frustrated I know how to handle it.

Matt is a social robot. He can increase your brand’s presence by liking and commenting on posts from your company’s page! He can read what your customer says on social media and use their exact words in the responses he gives them. His job is to make your life easier. For example, he can schedule marketing automation tasks for you like sending newsletters or planning social media posts in advance so that you save time and money!

Susie is the most popular one at the company. She can help with sales! She’ll find leads for your business, qualify them and even close the deal! She has a lot of empathy for people too, she can use it to close deals based on your clients’ needs and wants.

My family is not the only one that uses robots to run their business. But we’re the only ones who made an article about it! Our goal is to make it easy for businesses to create helpful products and services.